Terminus Retrowave presents:

Primo the Alien Frisky Monkey Seersha + special guest DJ 9PM / 21+ / $8 adv / $10 day of show

Come party with us on the first night of DragonCon with great music, costume contests, giveaways, and more!

Primo the Alien is an Austin-based synthpop/retrowave/synthwave artist and producer. Primo writes and produces each song, herself, with a unique blend of humor and drama that leaves listeners captivated. Her wild tales of epic showdowns, interplanetary tourism, and hyper-sensual scenarios are guaranteed to make you feel like you’re living in 1987... if 1987 was a dangerously sexy, post-apocalyptic wasteland complete with kick-ass parties, flying motorcycles, and lots of glitter. https://primothealien.com/

Frisky Monkey is an Atlanta-based duo comprised of vocalist Juan Cezar and multi-instrumentalist Douglas Pettus. Together they bring a heady blend of swirling synths, moody guitars and entrancing vocals with a pop sensibility to the electronic music landscape. As self-proclaimed “proud purveyors of atmospheric dance your ass off music”, Frisky Monkey has been amassing an Atlanta fan base with their stellar live performances and synthpop releases since 2011. https://friskymonkeymusic.com/

Seersha is a songwriter, recording artist, and producer hailing from ATL. Her name comes from the phonetic spelling of Saoirse, an Irish or Scottish name meaning “freedom.” Writing alone and producing herself in Ableton for complete creative control, Seersha blends retro-future synths, textural vocals, electronic elements, and trap-influenced drums to create a lush bed for her earnest melodies. https://www.seershamusic.com/

Terminus Retrowave is Atlanta's monthly retro-inspired party featuring the best synthwave/retrowave/darksynth/chiptune musicians and DJs from around the world...and here at home! For fans of Stranger Things, Drive, Kung Fury, Turbo Kid, retrogaming, John Carpenter, cyberpunk, and 80s/90s nostalgia!

$8 adv / $10 day of show